See The Ghost Forest of Copalis When You Visit The West Coast

If you want to spend quality time with friends or family near Copalis Beach or Ocean Shores during the fall, you might be interested in one of the more spooky natural attractions. This is why you should venture out into The Ghost Forest of Copalis when you are on the West Coast. Before you head out here, you might want to learn more about The Ghost Forest of Copalis and how you can visit the area. 

A comfy and accommodating place to stay when you are here on the West Coast is Copalis Beach at the Surfcrest Resort. We are close to the Ghost Forest and plenty of other attractions to fill your days here. These are some facts and things to know about The Ghost Forest of Copalis.

Learn More About The Ghost Forest of Copalis

How The Ghost Forest of Copalis came to be is a bit hazy. The origins happened before accurate records of natural disasters were kept. We can read some reports that paint a more viable story of how the Ghost Forest was created. According to the records kept by the Kwakwaka’wakw indigenous group in British Columbia, the forest is thought to have been created due to the 1700 Cascadia Earthquake, which occurred along the Cascadia Fault line. Brian Atwater, who published the paper “The Orphan Tsunami of 1700,” states that the event occurred on Jan. 26, 1700, with a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. The effects of the earthquake also caused a tsunami that was felt in Japan. 

Due to several trees dropping more than six feet and being flooded with salt water, the dead red cedar trees that stand look like tall white-gray poles. This is where the name “ghost forest” comes from.

The area is still accessible. Today you can reach the forest by renting or bringing your canoe or kayak to Copalis Beach. It would be best if you launched from the middle of Copalis Beach. Bucks Northwest offers stand-up paddle board or kayak tours of the Ghost Forest. The tour takes about two hours to complete, but it says you should budget at least three hours total for the whole experience. 

Get To Know A Local Attraction

The Ghost Forest of Copalis is an incredible place to visit, and it will be easy for you to see why when you stay nearby at Surfcrest Resort. We are located on Washington’s pristine Pacific Coast within a 15-minute drive of Ocean Shores Beach and Quinault Beach Resort & Casino. The casual Northwest seaside resort is nestled into 26 acres of private oceanfront property with access to miles of sandy beaches, dune trails, and Conner Creek. This beautiful freshwater creek flows through the property. Relax, unwind, and discover Surfcrest Resort today by booking directly on our website or calling 360-289-2157.

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