Look Forward To Razor Clam Season In Washington

If you think you missed out on razor clamming season in Washington, don’t fret. While the season is about to end soon, you can still jump in. For 2024, there are low tide opportunities throughout March and April, which you can find on the WDFW website. Before you know it, the new season will be in full swing. The off-season is an ideal time to prepare your vacation plans, razor-clamming recipes, and more for the new season. Those looking ahead to next season need to consider staying with Surfcrest Resort. It’s one of the best places along the Washington Coast for razor clams and many other amazing attractions off the beach.

When Does The New Razor Clam Season Begin?

A new season typically begins in September or October and extends into March and April. Check the Beaches of Washington tourism website for more information and opportunities based on low tides and weather.

What are the best places for Razor Clam in Washington?

Many of the beaches near Surfcrest Resort, including Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Mocrocks, and Copalis, are perfect for razor clam hunting.

Start Practicing Making Razor Clam Meals

While hunting for razor clams is fun, many enjoy the feast. Many different razor clam meals are sure to impress your friends and family. So start practicing and prepare ahead of time with some of these recipes.

– A great place to start is on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website. They have a variety of simple to complex recipes that work for any level of cooking experience. Try creating Creamy Razor Clam Linguine, Razor Clam Fritters, and many more.

– AllRecipes has an excellent recipe for panko-breaded fried razor clams. This stellar plate of food makes an excellent appetizer for dinner. It takes more than two hours to complete.

– If you want to make a main course, consider this razor clam spaghetti with wine sauce. This recipe is also helpful because it will guide you through catching the razor clams, preparing them, and what to pair with your meal, like wine and appetizers. 

Start Preparing For The Next Season

This will give you a great start on razor clam season in Washington. Just make sure that you book directly with Surfcrest Resort. We are located on Washington Coast’s pristine Pacific Coast within a 15-minute drive of Ocean Shores Beach and Quinault Beach Resort & Casino. The casual Northwest seaside resort is nestled into 26 acres of private oceanfront property with access to miles of sandy beaches, dune trails, and Conner Creek. This beautiful freshwater creek flows through the property. Relax, unwind, and discover Surfcrest Resort today by booking directly on our website or calling 360-289-2157.

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