Enjoy The Holidays And Razor Clamming In Washington State

When the holiday season starts, razor clamming season begins in Washington state. This means that the holidays and razor-clamming season go hand in hand. One way to experience both is by booking directly with Surfcrest Resort. We are near some excellent holiday events and razor-clamming spots in Washington. Here is what you need to know about this particular season.

Razor Clamming Along Copalis Beach

If you are new to this hobby, a razor clam has a thin, long shell, and the meat is used in chowders and soups. It would be best to have a bucket and a shovel to dig for razor clams. The best time to find these clams is during winter when the water is coldest, typically from November until May. If you want to try this out, we have more information about razor clamming in our travel guide. Here are some additional tips about razor clamming near Surfcrest Resort.

– Razor Clamming can be enjoyed by children and seniors alike.

– You will need a shovel or a razor-clamming tube to dig up these creatures effectively.

– One of the best times to find clams is when the tide is low. You will find many people out with lanterns or flashlights on the beach when the sun goes down.

– Watch for updates or warnings about razor clamming in the area. Clams can digest marine toxins produced by some species of algae, and these toxins can sometimes be fatal to humans. So, inform yourself ahead of time.

– The Ocean Shores Chamber of Commerce website is a great resource. It provides organized dates for razor clam digging. 

Enjoy Razor Clamming And More

Copalis Beach, Ocean Shores, and more Washington coast towns are great places for razor clamming and holiday festivities. Book directly with Surfcrest Resort to get the most out of your Washington Coast experience. We are located on Washington Coast’s pristine Pacific Coast within a 15-minute drive of Ocean Shores Beach and Quinault Beach Resort & Casino. The casual Northwest seaside resort is nestled into 26 acres of private oceanfront property with access to miles of sandy beaches, dune trails, and Conner Creek. This beautiful freshwater creek flows through the property. Relax, unwind, and discover Surfcrest Resort today by booking directly on our website or calling 360-289-2157.

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