A Look Ahead At The Best Events Near Ocean Shores

The Washington coastline is not just a beautiful location, but it tends to play host to some outstanding events throughout the year. If you are planning to spend your vacation time in Ocean Shores, then try to plan it around some of these events. Also, the best place to start your vacation is by booking directly with Surfcrest Resort near Ocean Shores and finding events.

Spring Glass Float Find

The Spring Glass Float Find is a popular and fun event for the entire family. If you’ve never heard of a glass float search, it’s like a treasure hunt except for the treasure, in this case, is a glass globe hidden along the beach. Hints will be posted online and in downtown Seabrook, WA, which is a short drive north of the Resort.

Razor Clam and Seafood Festival

Razor clamming is a popular activity along the Pacific Northwest coastline. We’ve written about the joys and how-tos of razor clamming in the past. It’s such a popular activity that there is a festival focusing on the hobby and the seafood it provides. Feast on Dungeness crab, clam chowder, raw oysters, fish and chips, scallops, and more. In addition, there will be live music, wine, and beer.

Ocean Shores Duathlon

Before the summer officially kicks off, you should at least witness the Ocean Shores Duathlon. If you’re willing enough, you can also participate too. But be prepared to bike for 14 miles of streets, beach, and Ocean City State Park.

Get Ready For The Best Washington Coast Events

We think that you are going to find events near Ocean Shores that is memorable and fun. Surfcrest Resort is the best place to begin your exploration of the Washington Coast and an ideal place to travel to these events. We are located on Washington’s pristine Pacific Coast within a 15-minute drive of Ocean Shores Beach and Quinault Beach Resort & Casino. The casual Northwest seaside resort is nestled into 26 acres of private oceanfront property with access to miles of sandy beaches, dune trails, and Conner Creek. This beautiful freshwater creek flows through the property. Relax, unwind, and discover Surfcrest Resort today by booking directly on our website or calling us at 360-289-2157.

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